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Deepening water crisis in Kingston

Published:Wednesday | August 7, 2019 | 12:19 AM


There is a deepening water crisis in Kingston and St Andrew. Since December 2018, there are communities that have rarely had running water in their pipes. In my community, Constant Spring Gardens, we are now regularly going seven and eight consecutive days without a drop of piped water.

This has economic and health consequences. To buy water tanks and pumps and have them installed is not cheap, and that is if you have space and the money. Tanks have limited capacity. Regularly buying water from private sources is also not cheap, at $8,000 or more for a truckload.

Day’s workers are losing pay as there is no water to wash and clean. Carrying buckets of water upstairs and trying to exist with limited water is stressful and does not aid productivity. The sanitary situation in homes, I am sure, is deteriorating.

This is a failure of the National Water Commission and governments through the years.

In 57 years of Independence, it should have been possible to ensure that every household, not just in Kingston and St Andrew, but across Jamaica, consistently have access to potable, piped water. Instead, we have a worsening situation. What a shame!