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Be careful who you’re getting behind, Gleaner

Published:Friday | August 9, 2019 | 12:37 AM


The Gleaner, being the leading local LGBTQ activist, has once again, in the editorial of Friday, August 2, 2019, put its weight behind Maurice Tomlinson to legitimise illogical and unnatural sexual behaviours. The Gleaner also took the opportunity to display its total disdain and contempt for the views of the majority of its readers.

Sexual intercourse consummates a marriage. Sexual intercourse, in keeping with design, can only be between a penis and a vagina. We, therefore, remind The Gleaner that ‘anal sex’ is an oxymoron. Same-sex marriage and homosexual activity are abnormal because they reject design. They can only be normal in a world view that regards design as irrelevant. This is not livable.

We put gas in the tank of a vehicle, not the exhaust. A society that abandons the concept of ‘normal and abnormal’ in order to facilitate so-called same-sex marriage is pursuing a law that is not based on reason but, rather, is based on the desires of the elite and what they will permit. Same-sex marriage is an attempt to clothe unnatural acts with acceptability and respectability.

Additionally, LGBTQ activism has led demonstrably to dissenting voices being punished. This played out recently in Britain, where two 10-year-old children asked to be excused from an LGBTQ lesson at their school. Their request was met with a five-day suspension as punishment. This is just one of many incidents of repression of fundamental human rights of freedom of speech, conscience, religion.

Sensible and rational citizens will ensure that the world view within which their laws and public policy are made acknowledge design in the universe and the reality of ‘normal and abnormal’.