Tue | Jan 18, 2022

Shadow Cabinet omissions evidence of Phillips purge

Published:Saturday | October 5, 2019 | 12:06 AM


The omission of Rise United campaign director Angela Brown Burke and campaign manager Dayton Campbell from Peter Phillips’ shadow Cabinet is clearly a purge. The transfer of Peter Bunting to education and training, with Michael Stewart, Dr Walton Small and Patricia Duncan Sutherland around him, is clearly a demotion.

Peter Bunting betrayed his supporters by accepting this portfolio while his main supporters were omitted. How can Peter Phillips explain replacing Dayton Campbell with Morais Guy for the health and wellness portfolio? Can he explain Natalie Neita replacing Angela Brown Burke at local government?

Andrew Holness won by more than 14 percentage points and he never demoted Audley Shaw.

Anthony Hylton was a big failure as investment minister and shadow investment minister so it was reasoned that he was demoted in 2017. Can Denise Daley and Dwayne Vaz reach the youths like Damion Crawford or even Lisa Hanna?

If the prime minister calls a by-election in North Central Clarendon or South East Clarendon and the People’s National Party loses badly, Peter Phillips will have to step aside.



Ocho Rios, St Ann