Wed | Jan 29, 2020

Well fought, Justin Trudeau

Published:Thursday | October 24, 2019 | 1:13 AM


Congratulations are in order for Justin Trudeau, liberal leader and prime minister-elect of Canada, on his narrow but impressive victory in the recently concluded federal elections. The election results further reaffirm his progressive leadership of the world’s second-largest country.

In an election beset by scandals and political missteps, Trudeau’s stance throughout what can be described as his toughest campaign to date was largely grounded. He focused predominantly on informing voters of his new and improved initiatives that seek to positively impact, and continue to improve, the lives of all Canadians – climate change, national pharmacare, tax plans, student grant increases, among other areas.

Undoubtedly, this was an extremely taxing period for Trudeau and his team, but their previous performance, coupled with an intense spirit of fight, lessons learnt and expertly crafted adjustments to their election strategy, gave them the edge in securing a well-deserved victory.

It is imperative that Trudeau remains vigilant and intensifies his goal of regaining the support lost by advancing on his successful mandate of promoting equality and prosperity for all Canadians.

The Conservatives have indeed put the Liberals on notice and now, more than ever, are eager to taste power. As such, Trudeau’s team must be clever and embrace foresight in how they execute their affairs.

Tara Henry