Sun | Sep 27, 2020

Not good for Jamaica’s image

Published:Tuesday | November 5, 2019 | 12:31 AM


The image of our dearly beloved Jamaica has taken a huge body blow over the past several weeks. As a concerned Jamaican, I am left bewildered as to how the country will hold up against imploding with so many acts of alleged impropriety by those in positions of trust.

There was the recent arrest of a former senator and minister in this Government, along with his family, as well as the president of one of our major universities.

Now, two senior and ranking parliamentarians and a senior crime-fighter had their United States visas revoked.

In a country where over 75 per cent of the citizens feel that their Government and public officials are corrupt, these recent happenings do not help our image.

These are cause for grave concern for governance and corruption perception.

The prime minister and the opposition leader must demand answers from the United States as to the reasons for the visa revocations, to allay the fears and concerns of the citizens, both locally and in the diaspora, as well as our international partners.

Regardless of which political party we support, our image was dealt a huge blow and no matter how they want to spin it or spin out of it, once again Jamaica’s name is on the proverbial light post for all the wrong reasons.


Former JLP councillor