Fri | Sep 18, 2020

Load-shedding revival

Published:Thursday | November 7, 2019 | 12:48 AM


I thought prolonged and frequent power cuts were a thing of the past, but, of late, the Jamaica Public Service Company seems to be in a nostalgic mood and is, seemingly, trying to recapture and revive some of what it used to be known and criticised for in a bygone era.

Power cuts have made a comeback, in 2019, and one of the main reasons seems to be due to a once-frequent ‘oldie but baddie’ JPS exercise, and a term that hadn’t been heard and/or spoken about in a long time, namely, ‘load-shedding’.

In 2019, the only kind of load-shedding that should be taking place is by garbage trucks at the Riverton Dump. Why, all of a sudden, has load-shedding made a comeback when a new US$330- million 190-megawatt power plant was constructed to replace the old one at Old Harbour Bay?

One hopes that the problems that sparked the recent re-emergence of scheduled load-shedding will be ‘short-circuited’ and that normality will return to the island’s electrical supply swiftly, smoothly and securely.

Patrick Gallimore