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Stop the social media vitriol

Published:Saturday | November 9, 2019 | 12:23 AM


It amazes me how in this country oftentimes most Jamaicans are quick to make assumptions without any form of facts, easily accept propaganda as accurate and accept malicious statements as factual when it negatively affects citizens and those in high authority and positions.

It was recently reported across the media that the United States visa for Minister Daryl Vaz and Opposition Spokesman on Energy Phillip Paulwell were officially revoked by the United States Embassy.

As is customary, the United States Embassy does not make public comments or statements on such revocation.


It is really unfortunate, unbecoming and unacceptable that so many Jamaicans on social media and otherwise have been speculating about the many reasons which could have caused them to lose their valid US visas. This is appalling and should be ceased once and for all.

We do not have the facts and speculating can only seek to tarnish and sully the impeccable reputation of Minister Vaz, a well respected, known and reputable Cabinet minister, and that of prominent PNP member and party spokesman Phillip Paulwell.

I am confident that Minister Vaz will shortly be re issued with his US visa along with Phillip Paulwell.