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MADE academies

Published:Monday | December 2, 2019 | 12:17 AM


I applaud the prime minister and his administration for their plan to build six STEM academies. Such a move, if fulfilled, will have a very positive effect on Jamaica’s future, because science, technology, engineering and math have become four of the most important pillars of life today – nationally, regionally and internationally.

To create a good balance, though, I suggest that the PM and his Cabinet consider building other kinds of academies, namely, MADE – this means music, acting, directing (film) and English literature/language.

Such academies would prove to be of vital importance to Jamaica, too, because it will, like STEM, greatly impact those areas of Jamaica’s cultural life in the future and, moreover, provide a strong foundation for children/teenagers in those critical areas.

Also, unlike the current large void that exists in the area of teaching/instructor personnel that will be needed to staff STEM academies, Jamaica has no shortage of exceptional musicians and music teachers, brilliant actors and acting teachers, very talented film directors, and excellent English teachers to staff MADE academies.