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Not everyone can be rehabilitated

Published:Wednesday | January 8, 2020 | 12:32 AM


I think it best that Kristen Gyles fully do some research before commenting on the proper measures for killing. In her Sunday Gleaner column ‘Capital punishment, capital NO!’, she mentioned life in prison to give murderers time to rehabilitate.

Are you aware, Ms Gyles, of the cost to house a prisoner and how much you are contributing? Are you aware of how many educated children cannot go further than high school because of that cost? It is quite foolish to compare Jamaica to the US or any First-World country.

Some people cannot be rehabilitated (look at Charles Mansion). Cold-blooded killers oftentimes cannot be rehabilitated. This is a Third-World country that is stressed, with not much financial resource.

You often have to move according to the change of time and your environment. If you do not take a stand and hold people accountable for their behaviours, change will never happen. Look at countries such as Dubai and Qatar and their crime rate.

What do you tell the relatives who experience the effects that the hands of what these cold-blooded animals have done to their lives that will forever be interrupted with tears and sadness?


There are holes in the justice system, yes! And maybe that is where they need to start, by holding law-enforcement officers, etc, accountable for convictions of innocent citizens, not having a cold-blooded murderer sit in jail for life on our tax dollars that could be educating a much-needy child!

Look around, my dear, and look how innocent lives have been brutally taken daily, as young as a two-year-old, by these cannibals who devour these people’s lives like a vampire hunting for blood.

What you reap, you sow. We are all responsible for our actions and the reactions we get in return. Take a look at how many accidents happen daily, with innocent lives being lost, and it keeps happening because there is no punishment great enough to deter them.

So, my dear, I suggest you wake up and come to Jamaica. Being sheltered by gates is not being in Jamaica.