Mon | Oct 25, 2021

Cultural and communal bullying

Published:Thursday | January 9, 2020 | 12:23 AM


A perplexing question is: why is there so much focus on consensual relationships between adults, and not a thorough investigation of the seemingly unbreakable bonding mechanisms in criminal gangs? Could all this ‘energy’ be deployed in dismantling murder ‘consortiums’? Is there, in this dilemma, some misplaced sexual obsession?

Another disturbing trend is the utter panic regarding legislation surrounding abortion. There is no similar presentation of long-term sustainable projects, programmes nor housing developments to foster and support women who do make the decision to complete their pregnancies, for poorer, for worse, despite ill health and homelessness. Clearly, no good deed goes unpunished. These women are cursed for wanting to eat ‘free food’. Their objectors muscle up with pride regarding their earnings that they, haughtily, will never share with the ‘poor’.

Consider the hypocrisy of many lending agencies and mortgage companies. They reign terror on women who have declared and produced medical evidence of terminal illness. These institutions should cut out all fake ‘charity’ over pink ribbons and the like. The same blindness pervades religious leaderships who will not only constantly slap your wrist, but give you a good punch in the face if your medical condition limits your tithe giving. Intensive care unit patients on life-support machines are mocked about their impending death. Post-chemotherapy clients are mauled by landlords for overdue rentals. At the time of death, everyone wants their settlement before the funeral expenses are calculated. Huge wings flap around in a circle.

Let us just face the reality of major and chronic illness. People have a basic scorn for the infirmed, and there is significant cultural and communal support for this type of bullying.