Fri | Jan 21, 2022

Who forced deportees into criminality?

Published:Friday | February 21, 2020 | 12:00 AM


I read with dismay the number of people who are being forcibly repatriated to Jamaica for various reasons, which are all linked to criminality.

I am British-born, but spent a significant part of my childhood in Jamaica, before I returned as an adult.

Upon my return to the UK, it soon became apparent that the image of multiracial harmony as portrayed on TV was false, and that, in fact, some people will always have the perception that black people are innately bad, and as such they will always be seen as outsiders.

This suspicion and xenophobia is exacerbated by the few people who decide on wasting their opportunity to better themselves, by seeking the criminal route of making ‘quick money’.

This sadly detracts from the majority of Jamaicans who are hard-working law-abiding citizens.

Having listened to the usual excuses put forward by each person and loving family members, I have little or no sympathy for most, as they were fully aware of the consequences of their actions.

However, instead of focusing on the ‘has been’, I believe that we should take a more proactive approach and prevent this being repeated for generations to come.

It is my view that schools and colleges should reinforce standards of behaviour among our children and young people, and paint a true picture of the obstacles they will face should they ever migrate to foreign land, because they will get used to working up to 10 times harder than their non-black colleagues to get on.

It should be clear that one can better oneself through education and hard work, but they should always be aware that their citizenship can be withdrawn at anytime with the stroke of a pen.

I am sure that this will attract disdain from most, but I would ask, who forced the deportees into criminality?