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Port Royal development

Published:Saturday | February 29, 2020 | 12:14 AM


I write to inquire what has become of Mr Robert Stephens, a sustainable development consultant who once spearheaded the Port Royal Development committee.

A cruise ship pier is now under construction in Port Royal and leases of commercial properties are in earnest. However, the residents are at odds with the powers that be, especially with the Fisherman’s Cabin.

It is my humble belief that the people of Port Royal should be treated with respect as it relates to rental or lease of government property.

How can someone be holding a lease on the above property and someone else is given a lease on the same property and no one claims to know what is happening?

Port Royal and the residents are very close to me, as my company provides burial/funeral services to them and I was approached by a resident re: the development programme.

It is my humble belief that any lease now being contemplated should be in consultation with the Brotherhood, the current lessee and the citizens.

My friend, the Hon Phillip Paulwell, an attorney-at-law needs to look into this one in the interest of his constituents.

East Kingston and Port Royal have always voted for the People’s National Party (PNP) because the residents believe that the PNP would represent them well, whether in Government or in Opposition. It has always had a PNP Member of Parliament from the days of the former minister of education and later Governor General.

I am watching this one very closely.

Joseph M. Cornwall (Snr) JP

Managing Director / CEO