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Tanya Stephens needs to have several seats

Published:Wednesday | April 22, 2020 | 12:13 AM


I cannot condone foolish talk from people like Tanya Stephens. Not when I live in New York State and can comprehend the true magnitude of this coronavirus.

I do not like Andrew Holness, but in this PANDEMIC, I know how to pick my battles, and which battles to fight.

Again, yes, things could have been done differently in Jamaica, but the Jamaicans who are so critical of the Government need to ask themselves if Jamaican hospitals could control the magnitude of what is taking place in New York City alone.

I live in White Plains, New York, not in the city, and this little robust place is now like a graveyard … silent.

Outside the county centre here, they have built makeshift hospitals, a constant reminder that hospitals here no longer operate under the norm.

I had to do blood work this week and I was sent to the cancer centre to do it, because all doctors’ offices and regular labs are closed.

I entered, had to have my temperature checked, had to have mask and gloves on.

In New York State, you can now be ‘fined’ for not wearing masks if you have to go out for whatever reason.

Yet all I can see on Facebook from Jamaicans at home are videos of Jamaicans defying rules meant to save THEIR LIVES. How illiterate and ignorant is that?

There is a time for everything under the sun.

First-World countries are suffering bigly.

Yet many Jamaicans, because of political affiliations, are expecting gold from Third-World Jamaica, when both political parties have wrecked the country.

As of April 21, 2020, in America, there are 787,960 cases of COVID-19, and 42,364 Americans have died.

Do you Jamaicans at home, at this point, realise how fortunate you are?

Sadly, the numbers there will rise, and when that happens, blame people like Tanya Stephens, who seem to think that ‘STAYING AT HOME TO SAVE LIVES’ is wrong.

Too many ILLITERATE PEOPLE have a PLATFORM, and that is Jamaica’s biggest problem.