Fri | Aug 14, 2020

Letter of the Day | You have lost my vote, PM

Published:Thursday | June 4, 2020 | 12:20 AM


I have been one of the most ardent supporters of Prime Minister (PM) Andrew Holness and have felt that his leadership through this crisis, alongside Minister Christopher Tufton, has been admirable.

For months I, like others, bought into the mantra of sacrifice to “flatten the curve” and to not “overwhelm our health system”. Not only did I believe in what was being told to us, I became a preacher of it, telling all who would listen why this was the right and correct way to go.


Well, after the press conference a few nights ago, what a laughing stock I am, and the PM has done a complete 180-degree turn and is now heading in the other direction with no rhyme or reason given. In the absence of logic, this leads one to believe that the big boys of the tourism industry are really the ones calling the shots.

How else would it be possible to explain that returning residents of Jamaica up to June 14 need to be tracked and home-quarantined, but anyone as of June 15, who is not having a fever, will be allowed into the island and to roam our shores. Considering that we were told most infected persons have no symptoms, then what disaster is the PM bringing on his people, and with whose interests in mind?

Don’t take my opinion for it, listen to the words of Minister Tufton who predicts quite ominously, but perhaps accurately, that we will have “exponential growth” and “community spread”.

If this is so, then what was the purpose of our sacrifice? Instead of “flattening the curve”, it seems it was merely to ”delay the inevitable”.

I speak for no one but myself when I say I feel robbed and taken for a fool. The PM may not care, but he has lost my vote.