Sat | Sep 18, 2021

Address police brutality in Zimbabwe

Published:Saturday | June 13, 2020 | 12:05 AM


There are anti-racism protests for the past two weeks across the world as people react to the killing of George Floyd by a police officer in America. It was really painful to watch a video with the police officer on George’s neck, not even taking heed of continuous pleading that “I can’t breathe.” This should be a pointer to reform the police the world over, not sparing Zimbabwe police.

Zimbabwe’s police have for years been brutalising fellow citizens, and the government playing dumb to all the brutality. Citizens have died in police cells due to beatings and no arrests have ever been heard of. In as much as we are talking of ‘black lives matter’, the Zimbabwe government should also realise that Zimbabweans’ lives matter, even if they are all mainly black.

The president of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, needs to reform the police and ensure that they get off the citizens’ necks and stop harassing opposition members, human rights activists or anyone who is not affiliated to Zanu-PF.

Black lives matter; Zimbabweans’ lives matter, too.



Human rights activist