Sat | Oct 24, 2020

Talk Back Thursday | What Independence means to me

Published:Thursday | August 6, 2020 | 12:06 AM

Jamaica celebrates 58 years of Independence today. We asked our followers to tell us in one sentence, what Independence means to them.

“A day off from work to Netflix and chill!”

- @renee.p0w

“I honestly think Jamaicans and Jamaica would be better off without Independence; we would have better opportunity to education, travelling, employment security and more. Jamaica would have less crime.”


“Nothing when me a live hand to mouth. The politicians continue to fail us, and suppression, depression and hopelessness is real. What Independence? Go university get a degree and still a fight to live a basic life! Can’t even afford a’ matches box’ over Portmore.”


“Not having the Queen of England as our head of state, with the title ‘Queen of Jamaica’. Not having the Privy Council as our highest court.”


“Seems we have moved from independent to dependent.”

Neville Smith

“TO ME, Independence means working and taking care of self and family independently!”

Venecia Plummer

“We have a long way to go to be independent! We have the tools but lack knowledge and unity!”

Pauline Bhalai-Grant

“I want to go back under the queen as a Jamaican. Idk bout ya’ll, but this independence thing nuh really a work out, a better the queen take back her country and most of us can really benefit from the system, not just politicians and private sector.”


“I don’t believe Jamaica is ready for independence, as right now we are in need of aid to fight crime and also to better our education system. We could be doing so much better as a country.”

– @favoured_caro

“Wearing my locks to school.”


“Nothing, if the residents of the country are being subjugated and marginalised by the powers that be. A country that has the capacity to be great is dependent on one main source of income.”