Tue | Nov 30, 2021

Stop social media taking over parenting

Published:Saturday | October 10, 2020 | 12:09 AM


Are the majority of our good parents now like lost sheep? What’s becoming of parents who enforce rules, work along with teachers to teach and socialise them properly. A teacher’s job is difficult and more stressing than it seems, but some of these parents take it for granted. Parents need to be more appreciative of a teacher’s job as they are the guardians of their children, as children often spend a lot more time in classrooms.

What should we do to parents who have no decency or better parenting styles? They speak as they like around children, not knowing that children emulate whatever is socialised or done around them. Children become what they see and definitely will display those same behavioural patterns either at school or away from home. How can parents be sharing with their children meaningless information to convey to teachers online?

Problem Parents

There are several videos and voice notes circulating on social media which involved parents in the background telling children to express boredom and how much they can’t be bothered to do schoolwork. There are teachers expressing frustration as parents have not been cooperating since school started. Parents are straying their children’s focus from school while being at home as they are interrupting their classes, talking with them, and asking them to do chores. As good parents, sometimes we have to make sacrifices for our children and adjust to change and meet them halfway, like with chores and house duties.

Good parents seek the best for their children; hence, a good parent wouldn’t give their children alcohol or drugs or make a video and, at the same time, they curse in frustration because of their being slow learners or having learning disabilities. Not everything needs to be highlighted on social media, as some problems need to be addressed and solved within the homes. Imagine a child being embarrassed by his parent on social media as he is a slow learner. Are parents contemplating the negative impacts their behaviour can have on children in years to come?

Children have little or no choice of being innocent as parents force them to become mature before time by dress, behaviour and how they conduct themselves. Being young doesn’t mean you can’t be conscious, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to behave wild and crazy, something some parents seem to forget.

Social media is now taking over the role of ‘parenting’ as children own technological devices and spend so much time on them without being monitored. We need more parents to work along with the teachers and be co-teachers at home in growing and guiding the young ones, because they are the change of Jamaica. If not, they will then become the disturbances that we hear about in the news. Consequently, you will have no one to blame as parents, not the teachers, and not the country, but yourselves.

I charge all parents to grow up a child in the proper way he/she should be grown, so that, when that child grows old, such training will not depart from them but will instead make them a better man or woman.