Fri | Dec 4, 2020

Letter of the Day | Let’s work together to make Jamaica a better place

Published:Saturday | October 24, 2020 | 12:14 AM


Jamaica recently elected a new Government with a very powerful mandate, which may not be good for a parliamentary democracy in the sense that the opposition members of parliament are considerably fewer. The people have chosen with an overwhelming majority and have reaffirmed their confidence in the Jamaica Labour Party. The People’s National Party is left to lick its wounds maybe for a long time to come.

My concern is for our young people, who have few and, at times, almost non-existent opportunities. Unfortunately, there seems to be no effort to address this issue. There is a large number of youngsters leaving schools and not finding jobs, having little hope and with no firm path as to where they go from here.

The truth is, a number of them may end up in the prisons, get lost in their directions, and, God forbid, wind up dead.

Where are the caring spirit and loving heart that were once symbols of Jamaican people? We seem to have deviated from that path. It seems that every man is for himself. Even those who have means are not willing to share with the have-nots.

This is extremely unjust. It is sad that a major section of the society is short-sighted and consumed by glut and greed and only concerned with their personal gains. If people started caring for others, Jamaica would be a very different place, a paradise.

We need to start investing in our youngsters and providing them with proper skills and training facilities. We need to develop sports – athletics, cricket, boxing, football, netball, etc.

We need to ask our elected officials to deliver for our people and ensure that Jamaica, the land we love, is a place to live and prosper in a true sense.

God bless us all.