Mon | Nov 30, 2020

Letter of the Day | Usain Bolt should be respected for his hard work

Published:Wednesday | October 28, 2020 | 12:16 AM
Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt


It is really a very fulfilling feeling when you see your fellow men rise up. You should be singing praises for his/her accomplishments. When your friends or acquaintances move up the ladder of success and make marked progress, you should be extremely glad. You should always do the honourable thing and give him/her unconditional support.

Life is much too short for us to be vilifying and victimising one another for our remarkable progresses and successes.

If the reports are true that Usain Bolt has been sidestepped because of his magnificent step up the social ladder, it is unfortunate. It is a shame, and certainly should be condemned. He is a very pleasant young man whose impact on our society, as far as sports is concerned, is unprecedented.

Usain Bolt comes from an ordinary Jamaican family, with a mother and father having the willpower to ensure that he could harness his potential and make a significant mark on the Jamaican society.

I respect this young man, who in spite of his great successes, resilience, hard work and dedication, is a grounded youth. This is a man who has done many charitable gestures in a number of places for grassroots people who need his help.

Usain is a very cordial young man who repeatedly stood for those who are less fortunate. I think he should be respected by all and sundry because of his dedication to the Jamaican ideals, due to his yeoman services to the less fortunate within our midst.


No one should grudge Usain Bolt in his upward social mobility and his great patriotism and love for his Jamaican nationals. Because he is making rather big strides, it is alleged that he is being envied for his tremendous progress. He seems to be feeling the bad-mindedness which is directed at him and trying to bring him down.

It is not coincidental that the local icon has been enjoying such fantastic success. He is very astute businessman, as seen in the well-planned activities that he has embarked on. He is surrounded by some trustworthy friends, who seem to be relatively, or should I say extremely honest in their relationship with him.

If Usain Bolt is in possession of an aircraft, which signifies that he is blessed, why direct bad energy towards him?