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Readers’ responses – ‘Audit flags millions in overpayments, questionable hirings, expenditure at JCDC’

Published:Monday | November 30, 2020 | 12:08 AM

“And the cycle continues, we’ve gotten so immune to these reports that they no longer shock us, we just wait for the next, knowing nothing will be done; but keep up the good work auditor general, some of us appreciate the work you do.” – @panton_garfield

“Jamaicans don’t care about corruption anymore, we saw that with the current administration. All of this will fall on deaf ears; people expect these actions from the Jamaican Government.” – @SirSmikle

“Imagine this is happening, yet @MOFJamaica has placed a hold on other civil servants’ increases; income tax was increased under the table retroactive to April.” – @MusChangeDotCom

“The JCDC board was bigger than the Senate. Bigger than any listed company in Jamaica. How did this make sense?” – @Rickoway

“Corruption and Jamaica goes hand in hand.” – @Demarinuh

“Where is the DPP office in all this? Every week is another case. And yet nothing from that office, it like a free-for-all country.”– @DefydiOdds

“If Jamaica only had enough people of integrity handling the country’s affairs, what a wealthy country we would have.” – Joseph Preacher

“Jamaica doesn’t have a money problem. We have more money than we think. That’s why it can be used in these reckless manner.” – Cranston Kelly

“No surprise here, and no one will be held accountable. Then we wonder why our country can never progress.” – Lawrence Odane

“I’m just so sick and tired of these crooked people. Prosecute and let the crooks pay back all the money, or seize property.” – Joan Foster

“All we are hearing are these type of stories. Has anyone gone to prison for these crimes?” – Norman Porter

“No surprises here. Corruption, fraud, and abuse are so rampant; they seem like the norm. They’re so deeply entrenched in the system that no amount of auditor reports and policies and procedures can detect and deter all of these occurrences.” – Marlon Benoit

Responses sourced from The Gleaner’s Facebook and Twitter pages.