Wed | Dec 8, 2021

Professional Football Association of Jamaica doing a fantastic job

Published:Tuesday | December 29, 2020 | 12:08 AM


Jamaica’s domestic football competition is taking a turn for the better in spite of the drawbacks from the impact of COVID-19. With the intervention of Professional Football Association of Jamaica (PFJ) Chairman Christopher Williams, we have embarked on a surreal journey. Mr William’s skills are actively creating avenues for the development of a much more vibrant enterprise. He is an enviable tactician, he is approachable and is unrelenting in his quest. And this is the type of activism that we require to have success in our development as a soccer-crazy nation. He has clustered the media houses, which is definitely bearing fruit. With PFJ Commercial Committee Chairman Donovan White, they are doing a fantastic job.

The Jamaican Premier League (JPL), which it is now called instead of the National Premier League, is in good hands. Thanks for the name change; it will naturally acquire the Brand Jamaica status. All 12 teams will get special attention from the sponsors because all teams will get individual sponsorships. This will create an ambiance wherein all the players will have to concentrate on, is to ensure that they are putting out their utmost best, in any given game. Pre-COVID-19 play will never be resurrected. We are looking at a bright future. The football of the past that we knew will shift to a much more intense game, with well-paid practitioners of their craft.

I hope to see the players be comfortably paid. This is for a very tedious day’s activity. I salute you, Mr Williams, for your sense of purpose, ingenuity, and the intensity of your vision. The sponsors are on board for post-COVID-19 kick-offs and this is a good look for any establishment.