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Readers’ reactions – Another child mauled by dog, mom frustrated

Published:Tuesday | December 29, 2020 | 12:10 AM

Milton Bonner and his five-year-old grandson, Carson Lattibeaudiere, were attacked by a dog belonging to a relative, when the grandson was badly bitten. Tamara Bonner, the mother of the child, who is currently in hospital, is frustrated due to her cousin’s reluctance to compensate her son. Here are some readers’ reactions via The Gleaner’s social media pages:


“Please keep these bloodhounds away from children, and also from all visitors! How many times are these vicious dogs to attack people and cause serious injuries!”

– @Veta D. Smith

“Because of all the thieves and killings, people have these dogs to protect their lives, it’s a shame!”

– @Jacqueline Harvey

“Andrew Holness did put out a law saying that owners going to be fined and charged for any dog bites, and are also responsible to pay the medical bills.”

– @Suzette Hibbert

“These dogs need to be put down. The owners need to take responsibility ... it has happened too many times.”

– @Veronica White Henry


“A weh dem dog yah a eat. They forget they are supposed to be man’s best friend. Growing up, you couldn’t get me pass a yard with dogs in it, I would stand and wait until someone passing, all when ppl say, come man dem no bite. I don’t trust them.”

– @pinkanique

“Just know it’s never the dog!! The owner should be charged and fined. If you park your car on a hill with no hand brakes and it rolls down and injures somebody, you would be charged for reckless endangerment, no question asked. What’s the difference here!? The dog is the owner’s responsibility.”

– @solufit

“This is happening all too frequently these days. Let’s hope and pray for a full recovery for little Carson. The new legislation for the management and control of dogs can’t come any sooner. Being a survivor myself of a vicious dog attack, I still maintain that there really are no bad dogs, but rather, bad owners. Like so many other situations, some of us take on ‘responsibilities’ (animals included) without giving thought to the fact that we either do not have the resources or time to care properly for that which we have taken on.”

– @peterchampagnie