Sun | May 9, 2021

Abortion is a woman’s personal choice

Published:Friday | January 15, 2021 | 12:14 AM


Bishop Alvin Bailey, in my view, is trying to stop the inevitable – of abortion being legal in this country sooner rather than later. His attack on Member of Parliament Juliet Cuthbert Flynn is one that he and the Church will not be able to endure to the end, as the tide changes in favour of our females, taking to the forefront their plight for recognition of their right to choose.

Why should Bishop Alvin Bailey’s faith dictate against another person’s desire? Let’s find some middle ground here; if your faith is your guiding star, then you can choose not to entertain the thought of having an abortion. Then, as non-Christians, our moral compass (yes, we do have one) and the ability to support a child should be enough to guide such actions. Our present law that governs abortion is biased to one side of our society. It cannot be that in the year 2021, a woman cannot decide whether or not to burden herself for life as a result of an unforeseen mistake or an abuse. I was reminded by my good friend ‘Narry’ while having a drink, and he seemed to be under the influence, that the same Christians who are attacking Cuthbert Flynn for her intention to repeal the abortion law of the land will embrace the thought of hanging a grown man, yet fight against a woman’s preference for abortion. Bunch of hypocrites.

Bishop Alvin Bailey, who has taken the time to chastise Cuthbert Flynn, is not an elected government official, to my knowledge. Hence, she has all the right to utter her intention to represent disenfranchised (the less fortunate) women, as a result of the present abortion laws. Women should have the freedom to choose for their bodies.

The Church needs to be relevant by focusing more on social issues that are oppressing our youths, such as access to Internet during COVID-19, so as to aid their educational advancement; and assist with food aid to the less privileged of inner-city and remote locations. Now more than ever our country needs the different denominations to pool their resources. Great minds like Bishop Alvin Bailey should spend much more time to steer our youths from crime and violence, and to create social programmes that can physically impact our workforce in a more positive direction. Seek government land for forming, and support the funding of community centres with after-school care support for young mothers. That should keep the Church busy.

My advice to Cuthbert Flynn: here is how you can secure a change in the law with a general consensus; abortion legal up to three months, hence, no more illegal surgical procedure after dark.