Sun | May 16, 2021

St Thomas getting short end of the stick

Published:Monday | January 25, 2021 | 12:08 AM


St Thomas is again supposed to say thank you for small graces; and we are, don’t get me wrong. However, why is a highway being built inland to Cedar Valley? Why is it not being constructed along the coast on the main road to connect to the rest of the highways around the island?

We continue to be the most underdeveloped parish in Jamaica, and we have the worst roads, in part because of the amount of aggregate we supply to the rest of the country. Also, partly because no politician thinks about St Thomas until there is election time.

Anyone who travels to and from St Thomas regularly can attest to the many overweight trucks that ply the route from Yallahs every day.

Now there is a chance to connect the island through this highway, and the biggest project ever announced to happen in our parish is a road intended to go into the hills. I ask again, would it not make sense to have a highway circling the island rather than cutting inwards into the mountains?