Sat | Jun 12, 2021

Talkback Thursday|Reopen the entertainment industry

Published:Thursday | January 28, 2021 | 12:15 AM

Local entertainment stakeholders have called for the Government to establish COVID protocols to reopen the industry. We asked our followers if they support their position.

“Parties already keeping in Jamaica. If the Government put measures into place to open the entertainment industry, a lot of people will follow these rules because that’s how they make their living. If parties can keep in hotel, why not out a road, too?”

Jaycean Miller

“And when COVID get more out of control unno blame the Government! Not easy to find an answer to this question.”

Ava McKenzie

“Schools are what we want open. You can entertain yourself at your yard. I don’t think people have money to waste on frivolous and unnecessary things right now.”

Adrianne LJ

“Boy, it’s sticky, but people keeping bar party and birthday parties which, honestly, nearly every day I see one on my way home; so if we can, let’s try to have a little reopening, so long as they work with the protocols. But the FAME virtual parties seem to be going good.”

Julie Savariau

“Everyone is looking online to solve these gaps. I suggest you look there, also.”

Nicola Redds

“Entertainment when COVID finish.”

Constance Nugent

“Yes, everybody should be vaccinated before going back to work in the entertainment industry and elsewhere.”

Mark Silverberg

“Yes, if they stick with it, but we’ve seen already that so many won’t because they are hard of hearing and undisciplined.”

Sonia Moss

“Give people options. With all the restrictions, petty crimes will always look rewarding. The Government should look into establishing protocols and allow people who depend on the industry to earn. Cyah stop people bread and butter and nuh give them nuh option.”


“Yes, we can’t just simply ignore the number of people who were making their honest living from the entertainment industry before the global pandemic. They are equally important to society as well.”


“My child cannot go to school, but party must keep. This is a no-no. Because this ya online school only a mash up me pickney eye. Open the schools first and see how it work.”

– @kemoya_sept9

“Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually do.”

– @iammelissamooyoung