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Why continue the stranglehold on entertainment?

Published:Monday | February 8, 2021 | 12:25 AM


On March 10, 2020 Jamaica had confirmed it’s first COVID-19 case. A female travelling from the United Kingdom was confirmed as having the virus.

Since then Jamaica has been under lockdown and life hasn’t been the same. We’ve seen where the Government had even implemented 3 p.m. curfews on the nation during public holidays.

This Government has failed to protect the citizens of Jamaica and has proven that they have no crime plan, but will be relentless in oppressing Jamaican people from having a social life and their freedom of movement by implementing nightly curfews and the shutdown of the entertainment industry.

For decades the local entertainment industry (dancehall) has been treated like an unwanted stepchild. It doesn’t get the attention that is needed and is only recognised for outstanding achievements outside of the country. The entertainment industry remains closed as the municipal corporations will not grant any permits for events to be held and that has caused a large loss in revenues not only to the Government of Jamaica, but also the hundreds of persons who look to events as a means to generate an income.

As we are now in the second month of what seems to be another bloody year, it leaves me to wonder if, along with the wearing of face masks, nightly curfews, social-distancing and other protocols to protect us from COVID-19, will the Government now allow all law-abiding Jamaicans to wear ballistic vests and carry AR-15’s as a means of protecting themselves from a more visible and vicious enemy that has murdered 1,301 Jamaicans in a year and 113 Jamaicans in the first month of this year?