Mon | Jan 17, 2022

The Church is hypocritical

Published:Tuesday | February 9, 2021 | 12:18 AM


The recurring abortion debate has been circling like vultures to long dead meat, awaiting the right moment to land, and like vultures, we have the eyes and ears of God proclaiming the injustice and abomination of it all.

CaPRI, the proverbial meat, dared to recommend not only access to abortion, but without parental consent for minors. This has sent the Church into a tizzy. It has been no secret that the Church is staunchly and loudly against abortion and homosexuality, arguably, two of the most morally unjust sins one might commit. While evidence and research have suggested that botched abortions cost taxpayers approximately US$1.4 million each year, it proves insufficient a reason to legalise abortion.

While it rings true for policymakers to recommend safe contraceptive practices for the health of the population, it is not so lovely a tune for men of the cloth. What I find interesting is the silence of the Church with regard to other sins.

Where is the loud proclaim about the injustices we as Jamaicans face, the raping and murdering of our children, where is the Church’s righteous indignation then? It would stand to reason that the existing hypocrisy of it all is the way and life of the teachings of Christ. The crises we face as a nation are beyond the cloth.