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Welcome to responsible gaming, Mahoe

Published:Tuesday | February 9, 2021 | 12:17 AM

The Editor, Madam:

While the gaming industry in general has welcomed its newest entrant, Mahoe Gaming Enterprises Ltd, RISE Life Management Services would like to also take this opportunity to welcome them specifically into the Responsible Gaming Family.

As you may well know, RISE operates the only responsible gaming programme in the English-speaking Caribbean funded for the past 16 years by the Betting Gaming and Lotteries Commission (BGLC). Through the support of the BGLC, all gaming entities in Jamaica have some involvement in the promotion of responsible gaming islandwide. RISE believes that as we continue to grow and expand the opportunities for Jamaicans to game/gamble, we also increase the likelihood of some of those patrons developing a gambling-related disorder. With that said, the proactive approach of the BGLC, through their funding of the RISE Responsible Gaming Programme, is significant if we are to continue to provide the requisite services for industry players and patrons in need of help. Mahoe Gaming, to their credit, has already incorporated RISE in their responsible gaming message on their website. There however, remain other critical components of an effective responsible gaming programme that must be initiated, and I am confident that Mahoe Gaming will be compliant and cooperative as we proceed.

While we can readily identify the strengths of our programme, which also has a voluntary self-exclusion component, par for the course in jurisdictions with advance gaming industries. We aim to grow by transforming our weaknesses to strengths. One such weakness lies in the lack of current data through comprehensive studies. Back in 2007, RISE, through the BGLC, commissioned the Jamaica Child and Adolescent Gambling Survey, which represented the first of its kind not only in Jamaica, but in the Caribbean. RISE is committed to advocating for a benchmark study on adult gambling in Jamaica 2021. As we continue to introduce new players and new games into the gaming landscape, we must have data highlighting rates of gambling disorders as well as significant correlations, i.e., gender, age, and other important demographics. Note well that such a study will not only show any possible negative impacts of gaming, but also the positive side of the industry as well, i.e., economic benefits, etc.

So again, RISE welcomes Mahoe Gaming and looks forward to them playing their part with regard to Responsible Gaming activities as we seek to ensure that gaming is safe, fair, and beneficial to all.



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