Sat | Oct 16, 2021

Jamaica Scorpions pack a sting

Published:Tuesday | February 23, 2021 | 12:11 AM


The Jamaican cricket team, the Scorpions, seems to have been aptly named. A scorpion is an unusual creature which features a venomous sting in its tail.

In the present series, after three woeful performances, in their fourth match against the Leeward Islands, the Jamaicans were again reduced to what seemed an untenable position ­– until they were rescued by a fighting tail-end partnership, which saw them winning against long odds.

In a most critical match five, they were again faced with a possible loss when they were reduced to a mere 87 for 8 wickets after 29 overs. Again came the tail to the rescue when the last two wickets produced 131 runs to show some respectability.

Facing a mere 218 to win, Barbados replied strongly, getting to 141 for two after 29 overs. But along came Joe, in the form of Andre McCarthy, who produced a most remarkable spell at the tail to reap six wickets for 19 runs, including a hat-trick, to beat the Tridents by 51 runs; they were stung by the scorpion’s tail.