Sun | Sep 19, 2021

Talkback Friday

Published:Friday | February 26, 2021 | 12:07 AM

With the recent security breaches on the Government’s JAMCOVID app and website, would you still be willing to volunteer for the National Identification System (NIDS)?

As long as it is not the same company that is storing the COVID-19 data. Twice website breaches have been detected in one week. Something is off with their management of the programme. No sah.

– Joseph Preacher

Before the breach happened I wouldn’t, and even afterwards mi still nah do it.

– Johnson D’shane

Never interested from mawning cause mi know Ja nuh ready fi dat given our status with corruption and crime. All who did want it can now gwan go run it dung.

– Marshawn Young.

Unfortunately, I would not, based on the recent breaches.

– Staay C. Campbell

Yes. If they mess up I can sue.

– Evo Mix

No, is not comfortable for this corrupt country to have all of my info in one place.

– Debbie Reynoldson

Well, I still a go get mine.

– Deon Sinclair

No. If they can’t keep COVID-19 information secure, then I wouldn’t trust them with my other personal information.

– Sean Francis

Yes, but I think we should explore countries with excellent cybersecurity to provide the system.

– Hixroy Walker

We aren’t even ready for online classes much less something of that magnitude. I wasn’t for it in the first place because everything in Jamaica is hackable.

– Naidine Bailey

Even before the breaches I never have it in my mind to accept it.

– Jermaine Montaque

I know it was a bad idea to begin with.

– @mauricemarriot7

Most definitely! The issues that they face are simple issues to fix. They just need to pay closer attention to their server.

– @stennettdesignz

I still can’t see the need for NIDS. Maybe there’s something I’m missing. I can see a need for a better identification system but I can’t see why it has to be NIDS.

– @876injinier

Can’t protect basic data, how they plan to protect our biometric data from hackers?

– @WebberDon1

Why we still talking about NIDS? This shouldn’t even be a topic of discussion.

– @1GennaHC

Responses sourced from The Gleaner’s Twitter and Facebook pages.