Sat | Oct 16, 2021

Readers’ responses – High-rise buildings for Portmore

Published:Saturday | February 27, 2021 | 12:09 AM

A joint select committee examining the prospects of Portmore being designated Jamaica’s 15th parish is lobbying for the municipality to transition to high-rise living. Here are readers’ reactions via The Gleaner’s social media:


Why would anyone think this is a good idea? Do we not see the issues with traffic and lost productivity already from the current setup? This is a very bad idea. Very, very bad. I abhor Portmore currently due to traffic and we want to make it worst.

– @876injinier

So the developers bought all the properties in Kingston and now turning their attention to Portmore to build more ugly empty apartments.

– @MszPoochie

No roads, no hospital, poor lighting, poor drains, no problem ... give Portmore a few high-rise buildings along with the non-development.

– @AdmanAdrian

What’s the point of developing the road networks/infrastructure in other areas if we are still insistent on packing people in an already overpopulated area? Why not focus on St Thomas, St Ann, Manchester, etc. (Don’t mess with Portland)?

– @Donnieh523

We are still trying to populate overpopulated areas. The answer is simple, spread out. For example, St Thomas which is so close to Kingston, can be used to develop properties for the working class.

– @WeAreTh85152318


When it starts, I shall be moving to the country. Not too long ago, it was being said that Forum was sinking. Hellshire is eroding slowly. Our roads cannot accommodate the amount of vehicular traffic easily and you want to come with high-rise? Devil’s spawn, enemy of progress and lifter-up of overpopulation, take away unu tan bad self. Enuff said.

– @Keisha Hawkins

Oh no, don’t they see what has happening with these high-rise living especially the social one. Hotspot for anti-social behaviour to say the least. Trust me, Jamaica don’t need anymore high-rise, high-risk flats.

– @Patricia Sharpe

That’s dangerous, when I studied sustainable tourism and Portmore was already on a sliding plate in the centre of an earthquake zone.

– @Juley Wynter-Robertson


How about some trees to give shade, etc?

– @jai7689

So the densely populated Portmore should get even more densely populated by introducing high-rise buildings but not have the necessary infrastructure to support the said dense population? Like hospital, better roadways (cause nuff people equals to nuff traffic), better police presence, fire stations, etc.

– @glennahivey

Bad idea. Ever heard about liquefaction?

– @dwaynegoodserv

High rise with unstable soil and a high water table? Look pon Forum hotel wey a abandon from how long!

– @nahor.egdirdla