Sun | Sep 19, 2021

Closure of JPS offices a retrograde step

Published:Monday | March 1, 2021 | 12:11 AM


I am amazed that JPS can single-handedly decide on the choice of closure of their offices across the island without Government’s agreement!

Certainly I must protest most strongly this retrograde step, definitely in the life of those struggling to survive as we make decisions on these supposed new approaches to digital lifestyles before we bring all social sectors of our society in line with each other.

Certainly, the continued move to believe that Mandeville could become the replacement for May Pen citizens insults the demographics of the country and ignores the high cost of transport and communication in Jamaica. I would urge the minister responsible, Minister Daryl Vaz, to take up this matter urgently, and I call on cabinet ministers from Clarendon to not ignore the importance of the capital to the parish of Clarendon, which is larger than Manchester.

I call on the JPS to urgently reconsider this position, just as I call on the Government’s support for the matter to be revisited.


Member of Parliament

Central Clarendon