Fri | Sep 24, 2021

Talkback Friday

Published:Friday | March 5, 2021 | 12:11 AM

On Sunday, Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced, among other things, an extension of the islandwide curfew, the discontinuation of face-to-face classes for some students, and a temporary ban on funerals and burials. We asked Gleaner’s social media followers for their views on these measures.

We must watch him closely. The Disaster Risk Management Act has allowed too much power in nullifying parts of the Constitution.

– Marcus White

These measures announced are extremely ridiculous, especially the ban on funerals when families are grieving. Please be very careful about your decisions.

– Debbie Ann Scott Lee

Just bear with the Government. He just wants to see if we are apart for two to three weeks if cases will go down.

– Jannett Lindsay

Control the rising cases of murder.

– Mikita Singleton

COVID did a bruk way when him a look votes and a campaign all over the island. Then now him win him a sing a different tune.

– Sophia Bennett

We are getting what we voted for. I don’t expect anything better.

– Estella Williams

Can’t be selective, it should be across the board.

– Marion James

I think they should welcome suggestions from the citizens then they can go to the drawing board.

– Humble Bumble

I think there should be more emphasis on enforcement than new measures being announced. I strongly believe that if previously announced measures were properly enforced we wouldn’t need new ones. There must be better plans for enforcement.

– Selbourne Webb

He’s too soft, he took too long.

– Kadeen Peters

Right now, banning funerals is not a good look. The wholesales downtown Kingston. Look at the Coronation Market. PM, take a nap and come again please.

– Diamond Queenie

The main contention is the banning of funerals. People, this ban is temporary.

– Hopeton Satahoo

Should be stricter.

– Shawntal Harriot-Thompson