Mon | Oct 18, 2021

Are the priorities of some Church leaders misplaced?

Published:Monday | March 8, 2021 | 12:05 AM


The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that many pastors are not ready for the end-time events and the new world order phenomenon they always preached about. Recent events have seen many pastors complaining about the protocols put in place under the Disaster Risk Management Act. Many have been criticising the prime minister from the beginning on the protocols that were put in place. Many have spewed ridiculous conspiracy theories and have been fighting against the measures implemented by the Government to save lives.

God is able and at most times will protect us from dangerous situations, but God also gives knowledge, wisdom and understanding. It is therefore expected that each church leader protects himself and the congregation from this virus in order to save lives. Look at this situation, if you randomly jump off a cliff without being instructed to do that by God, you will die, common sense tells you that you will die. In the context of this pandemic, we do not know our genetic make-up and how it will react to this virus, so it is extremely important that we stay safe in order to stay alive.

Many pastors have been outraged by the recent restriction. It seems that some pastors are only concerned with the tithes and offerings, the packed church buildings, and the pretty outfits; it seems many are not concerned about the souls of humans. This also shows many are definitely not ready for the end, as they are focused on luxury and comfort. Imagine we have a prime minister who has shown a bias to our church institutions, while locking down parties and sports events? Mr Holness, a man of faith, often met with clergymen to discuss measures to allow worship to continue in churches.

The fact that some church leaders are upset shows how weak they are; they should learn to be flexible and find creative ways to reach the people. They should not be sitting comfortably in church on days of worship, that is not what they are for. My church pastor and his wife have never complained, but have always ensured that the congregation is protected and safe from this virus. They have implemented various initiatives that will allow us to obey the Government’s protocols and also be able to worship. Right now we need pastors with flexible planning skills. I must commend the Seventh-day Adventist Church and other denominations that have acted in this way; this shows they care about people.

Pastors need to realise that if they encourage or allow persons to disobey the protocols, and if any of the church members fall sick or God forbid, die; their blood will be on the shoulders of these church leaders. In this instance, the 10 persons per service restriction is only for a few weeks, we need patience during this time.

We need our pastors to stop majoring in the minor. Life is more important than money, life is more important than packed churches.


Concerned Christian