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Celebrating women in all their manifestations

Published:Tuesday | March 9, 2021 | 12:07 AM


We are motivated into new levels of courage. Congratulations on this game-changing news story, ‘Ageing women face pension crisis’, published in The Gleaner on International Women’s Day, March 8. This engaging and inspirational expose features the beautiful real women of Jamaica’s markets.

These women exemplify the highest standards of care. Historically, aseptic applications have always been implemented. They embody astute fiduciary skill in carrying out their duties as they ‘read up’ their clientèle. Customers are treated with dignity and compassion. Stalls are artistically managed, with pleasing detailed attention to colour. Brilliant space-saving techniques are deployed.

They serve us with distinction in our markets. On a Sunday, many of these women are then also crisply dressed in the best formal attire to attend Sunday services. These women represent the best of the heart of soul of our island. They uphold the pristine values of fortitude and courage well beyond the call of mortally possible duty. In their life choices, they demonstrate honesty, truth, and moral integrity.

Every day these women replicate ‘backbone’ heroic feats, and every meal from their hands is the finest feast. In their exquisitely textured faces, I see in them my godmother (her birthdate is March 8) ,who never forgot a birthday, including in the fold of the card a Canadian money order or note. She funded my graduate study in Canada. These women embrace my cheerful memories of grandmothers, grandaunts, mothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, and friends who love you unconditionally all your life.

An honourable response must be, at the very least, national awards for the many Jamaican women like these featured in the article. Those with financial equity must immediately pour out tangible pension options to this most valuable cohort.

A truly inspirational story that empowers us all to make the necessary sacrifices for ourselves and those close to us.