Tue | Sep 21, 2021

Talkback Thursday |Lead by example, PM

Published:Thursday | March 18, 2021 | 12:07 AM

The prime minister and the health minister are to take their #COVID vaccines in April. Do you think they should have been among the first recipients? #GLNRTalk


Yea, it should test on them first ... .

– @Shaneo Anthony

Yes, they should be the first. They are the ones running the country, if they don’t want to, others will be afraid as well.

– @Jessica Ellis

Anything they choose people would complain. If they take it first, we will say how they prioritised themselves over others. If they take it last, we say they are avoiding it. Remember the story of the man and the donkey in primary school?

– @Ann Marie Hinds-Peart

It doesn’t matter to me when they want to take it as long as they take it. It was said that all parliamentarians would be vaccinated first, then everyone came out bashing them saying they should not be allowed to get vaccinated first because the vulnerables are the ones who must get it before them. As far as l am concerned, as long as they take it, I don’t care when they want to get vaccinated. Can’t please everyone. This reminds me of a story with the man, his son and the donkey. Similar story.

– @Marcia Wynter

Of course they should have been. You can’t be telling the people you’re in charge of leading to take the vaccine but you haven’t stepped up to.

– @Tianna Murdock

That was stated initially and then there was a bangarang.

– @Janet Marie Burke


Yes, they should have along with their families ... we have to keep the leaders safe.

– @dfashionhut_______

Absolutely! Especially knowing how sceptical the public is about it.

– @fitnestrain1

But of course, how can they be promoting something they never tried?

– @cristalbent

Yes, they should all lead by example. This is free advertising for vaccine instead of spending dollars on advertising campaign.

– @yvonneedmondson

No, because they’re not high risk.

– @juznika