Tue | Oct 26, 2021

Do not close the churches

Published:Tuesday | March 30, 2021 | 12:53 AM


It is a sad thing to be alive in these times where right seems wrong and wrong is glorified. No longer do you have freedom of speech. Now you can be arrested for simply having a different view.

I was moved to tears in reading last Thursday’s edition of The Gleaner; specifically where the Church is concerned.

The prime minister needs to know that the Church is not happy with the measures that are being imposed to tackle the coronavirus. There are some things that governments must not do: Putting a muzzle on the Church and dictating when and how to worship.

The Bible, according to Matthew chapter 24, tells us of the signs which will mark the end. The end is upon us. This is the time that Christians have to “look up because your redemption draweth nigh”. But with the redemption of the saints comes the destruction of the wicked and those who persecute God’s Church. The Church is God’s beloved bride and for it, He will contest. Read the book of Revelations and Daniel for a correct context.

And this is not hate speech. It is a prophetic insight, relevant for living in the time of the end. Christians are not making up stories. Many prophecies in the Bible have been fulfilled and verifiable by historical facts and records. And so, too, will be the end-time prophecies.

For a Christian country, it is unfortunate where we have reached. One crisis has caused us to denigrate to such a low point where the Church is being attacked at its head and the Sabbath desecrated by vaccination activities.

You lock down our churches but the supermarkets are opened. I suppose the coronavirus doesn’t trouble you once you’re shopping. Whenever I go to shop I have to fight hard to not bump into shoppers.

The Church is not suggesting inaction from our elected officials. We are simply asking them to allow us to breathe; allow us to live.

Government’s role is to create a robust healthcare system and to educate us on how to be responsible, not to legislate fines and sanctions against us for our own health.

Open up the churches – they are the only hope and motivation in this crisis. Do away with fines and sanctions.