Sat | Oct 16, 2021

Request to open churches

Published:Wednesday | March 31, 2021 | 12:08 AM


I am writing this open letter to Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

I greet you well in the name of our Lord Jesus! I am asking you, Mr Prime Minister, please to allow the church bells to ring, the drums to beat and the sound of tambourines and shakers be heard on Easter Sunday.

Let the triumphant Resurrection hymns be sung, the Word of God read, and prayers be offered all over the nation as we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus upon which our Christian faith is built.

We ask that you allow the churches 10 more persons, or even five, whether we meet in the churches or in the churchyard. You, sir, could set the time for this worship service, so that in one accord and in one voice prayers will be offered for this our nation. This will bring hope and comfort to many.

The God who says we are to call on Him will hear and answer our prayers and heal our nation.

Thank you, kind sir.


Mandeville PO, Manchester