Wed | Dec 8, 2021

South-west Clarendon needs Dr Nigel Clarke’s ‘cyaapet’

Published:Saturday | April 17, 2021 | 12:06 AM


The repair of major roads that are in awful condition should begin immediately with Class A roads, since these are usually heavily used thoroughfares, and their rehabilitation should be done to the same quality of the toll roads.

The potholes and numerous bumpy sections are undeserving and unbearable for commuters. In addition, the high cost and frequent vehicle repairs, because of these deplorable surfaces, will inevitable impact the rapid deterioration of these vehicles.

One of the roads that needs attention is the main corridor in south-west Clarendon, starting near Glenmuir bridge which spans the Rio Minho, to Whitney Turn in Clarendon and Manchester border. For an inordinate period, it has been an awful thoroughfare for vehicles to contend with. And it is the only route, that section of the island, for the high volume of traffic going to Manchester and the western parishes, and vice versa.

I am aware that the toll road between May Pen and Williamsfield is currently being constructed. But that is not an excuse to neglect other roads. In fact, that thoroughfare should be an alternative to the toll road.

The current member of parliament (MP) began his tenure in September 2020. I am sure that many MPs from Manchester, St Elizabeth, Westmoreland, and perhaps other parishes, use that route to travel to Kingston. It is surprising that they have not been able to get the repair process started.

I am requesting Dr Clarke and other MPs to urgently repair the road. The south-west Clarendon roadway also deserves some of the ‘cyaapet’ that Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke talks about.