Thu | Sep 23, 2021

Why must our women suffer?

Published:Saturday | April 17, 2021 | 12:12 AM


When we fervently say “Stop the violence against women”, just who exactly are we pleading to? Is it for those who prey upon the vulnerable? Is it the same ones who continue in their inhumane acts?

It is in vain that we plea to savages to stop being savage, and similarly, there is little to gain in pleading to the rapists to disengage from their horrendous acts.

Far too often we have to line the streets with placards, begging for women, asking ourselves when will it stop, as daily more and more cases present themselves. The time has passed for this passive narrative, and for it to be changed!

A holistic approach needs to be taken to help women fight back, and with the help of the government, private sector, general society and the decent men that we have left, much more can be done to discontinue the suffering of women by the hands of men with bruised egos.


We should all play a part in the empowerment and the support of our women by enabling them the opportunity of safer environments, and better capabilities to protect themselves.

A safe environment should not be limited to the physical security, but also an environment in which the government imposes severe penalties for acts of violence against women. The identities of these offenders should be accessible to the public, which not only allows for women to be more cautious about who they and their children interact with, but also acts as some level of deterrent for persons in being registered. A safe environment should be one in which our society does not justify acts of rape or violence against women.

It is imperative that women be aided with all the necessary tools available to protect themselves. Companies should even think of providing basic self-defence training for their staff and their families.

To the men of good character who remain, those of us who appreciate women, their fight is our fight, let us not turn a blind eye or keep a closed mouth towards their suffering.


Military Intelligence Analyst

Second Battalion The Jamaica Regiment.