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Letter of the Day | UK flight ban is hurting Jamaicans

Published:Tuesday | April 20, 2021 | 12:21 AM


I am in full support of all measures, within reason, taken by the Government of Jamaica to reduce the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. However, I am at a complete loss at the piecemeal decision to ban flights from the United Kingdom (UK) to Jamaica. May I ask why is this ban not extended to countries in continental Europe, which in some cases are more impacted with the virus than the UK?

Why are flights from the United States, which has an infection and death rate higher than any other country, being allowed? For months, countries from South America, like Brazil, had access to Jamaica, India is now on a red list, but still has access to travel. Yet, Jamaicans desperate to return home from the UK are prohibited to do so.

I am a Jamaican citizen with a Jamaican passport who, since December 2020, has had (so far) seven cancellation of flight at the last minute. Unfortunately for me, I am a returnee and my goods were shipped just before the lockout was imposed. For that miscalculation I am being penalised by paying thousands of US dollars for storage, with no apparent recourse for a concession, in a situation over which I have no control.

Is the Government intending to do something about this situation?