Tue | Jun 6, 2023

When is football going to be resumed?

Published:Tuesday | April 20, 2021 | 12:19 AM


I am a schoolboy footballer who is concerned about football in Jamaica. I have noticed that numerous football competitions have restarted across the world and COVID-19 protocols issued by FIFA are being followed. My question is, what is the Jamaican Government doing about the resumption of football competitions, especially the ISSA Manning Cup competition?

I myself and many others were looking forward to the Manning Cup season not only for the glamour of the sport, but also the scholarships we could receive. This is the final year of high school for a lot of us.

I know the Government is trying their best to protect us citizens, but then again, coronavirus is a global pandemic and football administrators came up with ways to resume the games successfully, so what about our sports administrators?

I believe I speak for all football players, coaches and other members of staff when I say it is really frustrating sitting around while nothing is being done. Our football administrators should come together with solutions for this situation, I heard a coach on the news saying that if Captain Horace Burrell were alive, football would be up and on its way, and I believe so.

Track and field competitions have resumed, athletes and coaches are preparing for Champs, so what about football?