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Talkback Friday

Published:Friday | April 30, 2021 | 12:13 AM

Traffic authorities are reporting an increase in road fatalities with many happening during curfew hours. We asked The Gleaner social media followers Do you think enough is being done to enforce the curfew hours? Here are some of the responses.


Adults need to take responsibility for their lives. No one should have to be over us enforcing what should have been the norm.

– @Natasha Davidson

Curfew is one thing but needs more traffic control and to ensure drivers are actually trained in road regulations before being given licences.

– @Althea Whyte

The rush to be in before curfew ... when you how much miles away from yuh destination. We might all be guilty but made it back in one piece, thanks be to God ... sorry for those persons.

– @Nicola Redds

So curfew seem to be the answer to everything, okay then

– @Paulette Stephenson

Is that a trick question? Nothing at all is being done...

– @Kerwin Thompson

How much can the security forces be stretched? Dem overworked an tyad. People should take responsibility for themselves.

– @Grant Col


Curfew hours cannot reduce crashes. It’s the person that is driving have control over that.


Why are we creating a link between the curfew and accidents? Curfew or no curfew, reckless driving is taking the lives of too many and injuring even more. What we need is to eliminate the back-door deals involved in obtaining licences. It is important to enforce proper driver education to include defensive driving. Prosecute and if necessary revoke licences from di ppl dem wid 1 million tickets or multiple careless driving offences.

– @nanny.sus

Curfew was imposed to combat COVID. Not crime or road fatalities. People are driving recklessly. However, the effort and consistency that was put in place last year have slackened. Hotels and high-priced beaches are open while the small beaches for locals are closed. People can’t adhere to hypocrisy.

– @fab40ishh