Wed | Jun 23, 2021

We need more love

Published:Monday | May 3, 2021 | 12:13 AM


Where do we go from here as Jamaicans?

Do we spend all our time discussing the symbolism of Emancipation,while the HIV virus infects many of our young, pregnant mothers? Again, it is time to move away from rhetorical ‘liberation’ to the practical liberation of our people. It is time all representative leadership focus on providing cost-effective education, healthcare and job creation for our people.

We need leadership of inclusion or collective functioning for all Jamaicans. We need multicultural acceptance among our leaders. It is time to throw down the schism of political ideology and create a party of inclusion. What would Marcus Garvey say today about Jamaica? Would he be pleased with our leaders? I think not. He would be organising a political movement to challenge the present establishment. He would think we were still living under colonial exploitation. Exemplary authority rules with self-denial and love for their people.

We are just tired of the showcase of intellectual prowess by our leaders, and the lack of love and practical solution for the poor.