Fri | Jan 21, 2022

Happy Teachers’ Day

Published:Wednesday | May 5, 2021 | 12:24 AM


Kindly allow me space in your prestigious newspaper to wish all teachers in Jamaica, and particularly those at Alston High School in Clarendon, a Happy Teachers’ Day. The Greek philosopher Plato once said: ‘Education is the foundation of a nation and a nation will prosper to the degree that it honours its teachers’.

Education is a critical ingredient towards a country’s social, economic and moral development, and our teachers play a central role in preparing individuals for all sectors of the economy. Therefore, the need arises to honour and highlight the work and worth of our teachers as posited by Plato centuries ago.


Research has also proven that when we show gratitude towards others, it improves our mental wellness and psychological well-being. As a former teacher myself, I know very well that teaching in Jamaica is a very difficult and stressful task. Hence, when it is time to celebrate our teachers, no one should act with reticence.

Teachers are the salt of the society. Let us continue to inspire and change lives as we fulfil our mandate to build and maintain a quality, educated, decent, civil and just society even during a pandemic.