Sat | Nov 27, 2021

Readers’ feedback: Bring on the curfews

Published:Thursday | May 6, 2021 | 12:19 AM

Our social media users have reacted to Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ new curfew hours. Below are their responses.

Is Sunday alone him have strength for!

– Jenneta Arnold

Kip it lock bro gad.

– Mel Boo

Tired of this nonsense.

– Kenrick DVkgnstudio Hunt

Moving the time on Saturday to 6 p.m., good move. Leaving the time on Sunday to 2 p.m., bad move.

– Sheldon Mcgann

Sixteen months in a pandemic, this is the best we as a country can do? 16 long months. We are truly a Third-World country.

– Maverick Wills

Keep it same way, Mr Holness. You will never do anything right for the wrong persons. The strategies are working. Our numbers [are] going down. The healthcare system get a breather and lives are spared.

– Phylis Sutherland

KMT. Come on now, Sir Holness. We need a little longer time with Sundays.

– Kiki Key

Gotta see the cases come down.

– Kimberley Spenser

A democratic country can’t run like that. This endless curfew needs to be over with now. You can’t govern the country like this. Only the poorer class a feel it.

– Rohan Vassell

At this point reading some comments, I would support a state of emergency, total lockdown because as I see it, we don’t care about each other, our behaviour is very reckless and selfish.

– Romeo Langott

Never see one country can have curfew so.

– Desmond Keithopatrick Morris

I understand what he’s doing, but the crime is worse than COVID right now. The killings are getting worse!

– Suzette Clarke

Mi nuh have no problem with no curfew on a Saturday; from 5 a.m. until 6 p.m. is enough time to do all that I would want to do.

– Donette Davis-Daley

All me know, Mr Holness, your neck strong to a hold this burden. If we did in other countries, we would gladly accept it without murmuring.

– Carlene Taylor

All who a cuss, just tek a look wa happen to India at the moment; people dying left right and centre.

– Omari Brown

Mr PM, we’re in serious times right now with this pandemic. I agree with these curfews. We have to try and control it.

– Ricardo Lee