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Crime in Ja is a result of family instability

Published:Tuesday | May 11, 2021 | 12:06 AM


There is a never-ending debate regarding the effects of dancehall music on crime in Jamaica. In the latest episode on YouTube Sir P, host of Politricks Watch channel and interviewed local politician Damion Crawford.

Mr Crawford, in his assessment, sought to use his affinity for mathematics to argue sociology. Human behaviour can’t be described by any calculus, there are simply too many interconnected variables for our simple minds to compute.

Even if his arguments imply dancehall music can only influence a youngster to a point and no further, half the job is already done. For the youngster only now needs the wrong socio-economic circumstances, coupled with a dysfunctional family unit and lack of education, to deal with and to get him over the line into the realm of criminality, circumstances which our country has in surplus. The question is, how will this youngster overcome these hurdles?

Mr Crawford and other politicians need to accept that crime is driven by the broken families and the pervasive corruption in our society, and then take the bold steps needed to rescue our country.

While dancehall music is a part of the problem, it’s not the main problem. The least we can do is to start cleaning up our music.