Tue | Dec 7, 2021

Letter of the Day | What is the true meaning of Mother’s Day?

Published:Tuesday | May 11, 2021 | 12:06 AM


Sitting at home relaxing on the evening of Mother’s Day, I decided to check out what has been happening on social media. I saw lovely photographs and wonderful stories of people celebrating with their moms, but I also saw heartbreaking stories of those who have lost their moms, relationships that broke up because the man could not afford a gift for his girlfriend, even though he cooked for her, but apparently that was not enough. A man killed his child’s mother on Mother’s Day.

All these things cause me to think: What is the real meaning of Mother’s Day, and have we strayed from the real meaning? I personally love my mom, but if I cannot shower her with expensive gifts on Mother’s Day, does that means I love her any less? If a man provides the money for groceries and other bills, treats you and the children well, but is unable to buy you an expensive gift on Mother’s Day, is that what is used to measure his love?

I know that a mother is special, she’s a superhero, your biggest supporter, your forever friend, and sometimes moms feel unappreciated. Being a mother myself, it feels good to have a day for us; but are we taking it too far? Is too much pressure being placed on our spouses and children? I know that it takes a strong woman to go through pregnancy and childbirth, and Lord knows raising a child in this day and age is getting harder by the minute.

Hats off to all the wonderful women who has mothered a child, whether biologically or otherwise.

However, let us not lose focus of what Mother’s Day represents. It’s not about the price tag on the gifts that we receive. It is about the love and support shown by our children and spouses on not just this special day, but every day of our life. There is no role in life as essential as that of motherhood.