Wed | Sep 22, 2021

Readers’ Feedback | What type of men are we rearing?

Published:Thursday | May 13, 2021 | 12:11 AM

Our readers on social media yesterday reacted to the fatal stabbing of a 14-year-old.

“PARENTS, we have dropped the ball! This is a 14-year-old child, for God’s sake! She is entirely your responsibility, so how come this happened? Take the necessary action before we lose them all. PLEASE!”

- Paula Barnett

“This case should have been in the hands of the lawmen prior to now. Maybe, just maybe, this could have been prevented. She was a minor and he is an adult. It should have been reported to the police and children’s services called in.”

- Patricia Whyte-Clarke

“How this little girl get in a relationship with this adult and she CANNOT give consent? Who gave consent for her? Was the police informed? This makes me upset.”

- Philybro Optimistic

“What type of men are we rearing these days? Are they so mentally weak that rejection from a woman pushes them over the edge? It’s happening so often and it is being done by men of all ages. My heart bleeds for this little girl.”

- Milton Amos

“What is the use of the legal age for sex being 16 if we do not prosecute the offenders? The law is there to protect the underage children, especially those who are vulnerable. The justice system is failing our children. So sad. Too many of our men are guilty of this crime, same like domestic violence against women. Too many guilty men.”

- Ann Gavin

“As I said elsewhere, moving the age of consent upwards is not so much the problem, it is the lack of prosecution of adults who violate the statute. Here we have an illegal relationship in plain sight and it has taken this tragedy for the police to be called in.”

- Courtney Brown

One of my friends, his mother had him when she was 13. He’s 70 now. Stop talking this nonsense about last days! That was 70 yrs ago! Nothing is new under the sun. As reprehensible as we all find this act, and it should be rightly condemned, it will not stop till this world ends. We must be better parents and protect our children from predators. There are many out there.”

- Hugh Campbell

“I don’t care who want to come at me. My sister and I were raised in a single-parent house after my parents’ marriage ended. My mother was not just a provider, but a PROTECTOR, and none of us could even consider having a boyfriend at 14. She nuh ramp, yu cudda be a don man, don’t think of coming near her kids. Parents need to parent their kids. Those who can’t manage, GET HELP.”

- Keisha Jones

“Way too often we as parents don’t allow our children to be children, we allow them to act as if they are grown, dress as if they are grown, and make grown-up decisions. And the end results are way too often deadly. Some of these nowadays kids don’t listen, no matter how you try to guide them. Parenting, especially to young girls in this day and age, isn’t remotely easy because our parents raised us in a world that no longer exists, and a lot of parents don’t even fully comprehend what this generation is like, and capable of. We parents have to figure out how to do better than our best, we have to stop being our teenage daughters’ friends, we have to teach them how to act and behave like a child, we have to hold them accountable because if we don’t, then this will most often be the end result.” - Vicky ‘TheRebel’ Kirlew