Sun | Jun 13, 2021

Talkback Friday

Published:Friday | May 14, 2021 | 12:06 AM

We asked our followers on social media: Which teams do you think will take the ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys and Girls’ Championships crowns on Saturday, May 15? Here are some of the favourites:

KC and Edwin Allen – @_melanin_queen18

Edwin Allen

– @kelly_sharie

Edwin Allen and Calabar

– @outstanding_british

KC and Edwin

– @kayannhamil

So other teams are there outside of Calabar? Ehh news to me.

– @marloncarrental

KC and Hydel

– @chef_aliha

Calabar and Edwin as usual

– @aleciabutler

Edwin Allen and Calabar to the world

– @rose.y1982

Fortis and Edwin Allen

– @_savii_.13

Anybody but KC

– @ellavadgrant

Holmwood win lose or draaawwww!

– @fashion_trendz

At this point it doesn’t matter, let’s enjoy each race and have fun. – @happy_beginning1

STATHS – @shakesup

Let’s just make it Wolmer’s and Wolmer’s this year – @renzi_g

Kingston College and Holmwood – @selenaalfredbaker

Colllaaaa Blueee and me na ask Christ nor twice – @brit_aniaaa

The Greatest Kingston College – @tifa_talkabout

True blue life #teamedwin. Edwin we nah back down no day – @keeno140

Holy Childhood – @wynterzoomlens

Spanish Town High – @qualityoverquantity8

Edwin Allen High School right through. Blue blood over yah so – @top_gyal_kilah

Vere Tech – @godblesschild241

St Jago – @yardietraveller_sher

Calabar and Edwin Allen – @ashagaylehetridge

Kingston College and Holmwood Tech straight outta North Street and Christiana – @gracecornie

Kingston College – @ChadwinHeadlam

Alpha and Spanish Town – Howie Banton

Go St Jago – AnnMarie Nicholas